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Updated Tuesday April 30, 2019 by Colorado Over 50 Baseball.

We're the nation's largest independent baseball league for the "more experienced" player. We have both men and women players in our league; men must be 48 years old in the calendar year in which they begin playing, while women can play if they're at least 21 years old.  We play full nine inning games, with a limited stealing rule and liberal substitution to ensure that all players get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from our league.

If you played baseball (not softball) “a long time ago” know that our league has many players just like you. If you played only softball, you can still have fun and be competitive in the games we play, it will take a little more practice to get you up to speed.

Time Commitment: Minimum you can count on is 3 1/2 hours each week (Arrive early, and play 2:45-3:00 each game); some teams schedule weekly practices, some don’t, so that is up to the team you are selected by. You can go our website at coloradoover50baseball.org and click on the link for field locations so you can also figure travel time; Games are Saturday and Sunday at 9, 12 and 3 PM and depending on the team you may have equal numbers of games on each day or one may be a majority. Again, this depends on your team.

MONEY: You should expect it to cost between $225-$250 for your league fees (16 game minimum), depending on your team’s roster size. You might also spend up to $100 on uniforms and $50-150 on “lumber”. Lots of help is available in these areas. Of course, you will need your own equipment (gloves, spikes, helmet etc) so be prepared to spend happy moments and $$ in your local, or online, sporting goods store. Those are the highlights. 

Email: jim.honiotes@outlook.com with questions!

Thanks for your interest in COLORADO OVER 50 BASEBALL!

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Steve Stahlman commented on February 8, 3:35am
"What is the starting date for 2019 games?"
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